Monday, June 22, 2009

Melbourne and Moving

I have finally got internet access at the local library after Annaliese and I have moved in to our own place!

It’s been a busy past month as we visited Melbourne, then came back to move house.

Annaliese and I have always dreamt of living in a country home with a creek and willow tree! We couldn’t believe it when, only 5 minutes from the centre of the Adelaide CBD in a trendy suburb called Norwood, we came across a flat with just that! So… it may not be a country home, and well… it may be a cemented creek - but hey, waking to the flow of water and rustling of tree leaves in suburbia is great.

It’s a small one bedroom flat (or Unit as they call it here) but it suits us just fine. It’s cosy and doesn’t take long to heat. Yep – heat – it’s now the middle of Winter and yesterday morning was the coldest it’s been so far at 5 degrees at 7am. It still gets up to between 15 – 20 degrees during the day (and usually sunny with blue skies still!) but night times it is reminiscent of home.
I will post some photos soon of our new little habitat.

In other news, I have found work! In fact I have gotten 3 jobs. Annaliese works for a large education company with several institutes. I have done some Exam Invigilating, and International English Language Test marking. Annaliese’s HR/payroll colleague is due to go on Maternity leave for 6 months very soon. I have been asked to be an HR Administrator during these 6 months to help out.

Below are some photos of our last adventure to Melbourne from a month ago. We stayed for five days in Annaliese’s Aunts house, house sitting her two cats. Melbourne reminded me of London, much larger, busier and more cosmopolitan than Adelaide.

This is the Eureka tower which is the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere, We went right to the top one evening and got some good photos looking down on Melbourne.

This photo was taken at a great bar we found, it sits on the top of a tall building in the open air, so had great views of the area.

We met up with Anna and Guy as they live in Melbourne, and spent a day with them travelling on the "Puffing Billy" railway line that travels into the hills surrounding Melbourne. They use old steam trains and people stop and wave or honk their car horns at the trains as they go past.

We got of at a stop where there was a big lake and then went for a walk in the surrounding forest.