Wednesday, April 15, 2009

School Outings

A week or so ago Greg invited me to come along for a hike that he was taking some of his school kids out on. This was a coastal path from Hallet Cove to Brighton Beach.

We saw some interesting geography along the way.
It was a hot day and hard to imagine that the scratches and boulders you see in the photos below were deposited by huge glaciers sliding into the sea.

More recently there was a girls surf coaching day at Moana beach that Greg has been involved in for many years. It has grown into quite a large event with around two hundred girls getting free surf coaching and raising money for MS. I helped by selling some raffle tickets, and also had a go at surfing. You can see from the last photo that I have now progressed to an elegant kneeling style of surfing. No doubt impressing all of those around me.

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