Thursday, October 22, 2009

Currency Creek

Have not had chance to update my blog for a while, here are some photos from a weekend away about a month ago. We booked a little apartment based at a winery in Currency Creek. There was a nature walk around part of the vineyard that made for some nice photos.

Here is definitive proof that I am taller than Annaliese.

On Guard!

There were lots of flowers in bloom. The yellow one is a wattle tree and is a state plant of South Australia.

Here are some old cars and machinery we found rusting away in the woods...

...broom broom.

The next day we drove down to lake Alexandrina.

We found a cow going for a stroll along the beach!

We then stopped of at a little town called Milang, and had a cream tea on an old railway carriage.

It was sad to see how much the water had receded because of the lack of water coming down the Murray river.

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