Thursday, March 12, 2009

Enjoying the outdoor life

Moana beach is just a short walk down the road from the house. On my first visit to the beach Greg offered to give me a surfing lesson! Greg has been surfing all his life and doesn't see much point in going to the beach and not surfing. His description of swimming as a recreational activity is "not drowning". So he gave me a rash vest, cap, surfboard, and off we went. I learned how to "scoot" onto waves and balance sitting on the surfboard, which is not as easy as it sounds.

Greg also has a funny little electric scooter that he uses to drive down to the beach and check out the surf. We went for a ride to the nearby cliffs. I rode his bicycle, following on behind as he drove off on the scooter. Several people waved as we went past. Greg waved back as he wizzed along whilst standing up on the scooter. On the way back I rode the scooter and Greg cycled. Annaliese also had to show off her scooter skills.

At the moment Annaliese, Greg, and Keryn all go off to work and leave me to a life of leisure. So yesterday I went for a bike ride to the next beach to the South of Moana, which is called Maslin beach. I later learned that the Southern end of the beach is a nudist area. Although there were no nude people in sight that I saw. I suppose nudist people need to go to work too.

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