Sunday, March 15, 2009

Introducing the Days

This is Annaliese's mum and dad - Keryn and Greg Day.

Greg's brother Lynton and partner Barbara kindly invited us around to their house for a meal. They live right on the beach front at Tennyson. We had a nice meal that included crab and snapper that Lynton had caught himself. After dinner we walked out his back door right onto the sand dunes and had a walk down the beach. We took a group photo of the Days. From left to right; Greg's mum Dorothy (who celebrated her 89th Birthday a couple of days ago), Greg, Annaliese, Me, Jeff's wife Brenda, Greg's brother Jeff, and Greg's brother Lynton.

Just down the road is Lleyton Hewitt's house. Apparently it's for sale, not cheap i'd imagine.

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